Withdrawing An Offer

There are a few negotiation tactics that your injury attorney James Adams may warn you that the insurance company can try to use during settlement negotiations. One such method may be for the insurance company to present an offer and state that it will withdraw it if it is not accepted immediately.

Value of Your Claim

While this may be a common tactic that attorney James Adams can warn you about, he or she can also explain that this may be a bluff. If your claim has a value of $25,000 today, it will probably retain that value tomorrow. Furthermore, when an adjuster withdraws an offer, he or she may ultimately cause your Tampa personal injury lawyer to sue.

Your Argument

There are several reasons why withdrawing an offer can be a bad move for an adjuster, which you may wish to point out. For example, this can lead to expensive and timely litigation. Not settling the claim means that the adjuster will have one more outstanding file to work on. Some adjusters’ performances are based on how quickly they resolve cases, so this can lead to a decreased level of performance. Additionally, your attorney can play hardball and say that you will not hear any more offers to mirror the negotiation tactics.

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