What Tampa Injury Attorney, James Adams Does after Taking Your Case

Once you finish your initial meetings with attorney Attorney, it may seem like things slow down.  But this is only because the attorney is busy with tasks that need to be completed to advance your case to the next stage.

Reviewing the Documents and Reports


The incident which caused your injuries, and the nature and extent of those injuries, are obviously crucial to your case.  After getting the basic information from you, your Tampa injury attorney will begin an extensive investigation of all of the following documentary evidence:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • All medical reports
  • All medical bills received to date

Once you authorize the release of your medical records, your Tampa injury attorney will obtain and review them, as well.

Other Steps in Preparation

One of the first things your attorney does is contact the insurance company that covers whoever caused your injuries.  He will also visit the scene of the accident, both for a better understanding of what happened and to see if the scene is accurately described in the written reports.

It’s always necessary to review the law that applies to your case, including both the written statutes and the opinions of the courts that have interpreted those laws.

And, of course, your Tampa injury attorney will maintain contact with you for several reasons, from making sure you are keeping good records on things like lost time at work and other consequences of your injury, to checking on your recovery.

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