List of key facts and legal concerns to bring to your Tampa DUI lawyer

Being prepared prior to meeting with your Tampa DUI lawyer can help ensure you provide your attorney with as much information as possible surrounding your arrest. Before the initial meeting it is recommended that you fill out the list provided below and bring it with you when the meeting occurs. Additionally, the list below may assist in reminding you of the facts involved in your case.

Considering how you were driving:

  • For what reason do you believe the officer stopped you?
  • Once you were pulled over did the officer explain his or her reason for stopping you?
  • Did the officer give you any traffic citations?
  • Are there innocuous reasons that explain why you were driving in a suspicious manner?
  • Do you believe the officer observed you leaving a bar?

Tampa DUI lawyer

  • When you stopped, where did you decide to pull over and why?
  • Can you describe the lighting and the time of day?
  • Did you admit to consuming alcohol?
  • In what manner did the officer ask you to exit the vehicle?
  • Did you experience any issues in leaving the car?
  • Was anything said during the stop that you found inappropriate?
  • Were there any other people in the vehicle with you or were there any witnesses?

Field sobriety tests:

  • When you were asked to complete field sobriety tests, did the officers insinuate that the test were required?
  • Was your health information requested by the officer?
  • Was there a demonstration or example of how the test was to be completed?
  • At what location did the test take place and which ones did the officer have you attempt?

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