Initial interview with your DUI attorney

In a majority of situations, your initial interview with your Tampa DUI lawyer will occur at your attorney’s office. During that meeting, your DUI attorney will: (1) inquire into the happenings before, during, and following your arrest; (2) inform you regarding the charges and penalties, as well as your odds of succeeding at trial; and (3) start preparing your defense.

Your accomplished Tampa DUI lawyer should recognize that your drunk driving arrest could be your first experience with the criminal justice system. Thus, your attorney ought to try and calm you down and ensure you that you will acquire an informed and prepared defense.

Timeline of the incident

Your Tampa DUI lawyer should ask you to recount the whole situation in chronological order, from the period multiple hours prior to the arrest through your release from police custody. It is vital that you inform your know if you consumed any food or beverages before the arrest, particularly any alcoholic beverages you drank and over how long of a time span you drank them.

Prior criminal record

Along with personal records (your name, address, phone number, marital status, place of employment, height, weight, and other personal information), your Tampa DUI lawyer ought to get a history of your previous association with law enforcement officers, encompassing any previous motor vehicle convictions or violations in addition to other criminal convictions. This data is critical because:

  • Your DUI attorney will evaluate and confirm this data to ensure you are being honest.
  • Previous convictions will influence any decision to arbitrate a plea, if that option is present.
  • Your DUI attorney might have to challenge the legitimacy of previous DUI convictions if found guilty, because, in many situations, a previous DUI conviction can be the support for a mandatory jail sentence.

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