Important Considerations during a DUI Arrest

Specific details from your DUI arrest may, in some instances, work as mitigating factors in your charges. Indeed, truly onerous actions or omissions by officers can cause a case to be dismissed. Your Tampa DUI lawyer will thoroughly examine the details of your arrest to determine whether such factors exist.

 Officer Procedures during the Arrest

Among the issues that your Tampa DUI lawyer will take into consideration is the actual handling of your arrest. Some examples of this are:

  1. Whether and at what point your car was searched
  2. Whether anything was found and, if so, whether it was confiscated
  3. When the officer told you that you were under arrest
  4. At what point you were handcuffed
  5. Whether Miranda rights were read
  6. Whether you waived the rights or asked for an attorney to be present before answering questions

 Your Health and State of Mind

You were likely extremely anxious at the time of your arrest. This and health factors can affect such matters as field tests:

  1. Do/did you have any physical limitations?
  2. Do you have balance problems?
  3. Had you taken medication at any time in the two days prior?
  4. How much sleep did you have the night before?
  5. Do you have any diseases, illnesses, or conditions that may affect your speech or mobility?

The Breathalyzer Test

  1. Did the officer test you more than once?
  2. Was your breathing interrupted?
  3. Did you have any difficulty in providing the sample?
  4. Do you have any physical limitations or illnesses that made it difficult to test?

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