First Meeting with Your Tampa DUI Attorney, James Adams

If you’re like most people, you don’t really think about what’s going to happen at the first meeting with your Tampa DUI attorney, you just show up. You can give both you and your attorney a head start by being prepared.


Witnesses to your activity at and just before the arrest are an important part of what your Tampa DUI attorney needs to know, because you can’t be convicted of DUI if the state can’t prove that you were driving. Provide the names of all the witnesses you know, along with information on how, when and where to contact them. Also tell the attorney if there were other witnesses whose names you don’t know.

Statements or Admissions

Your Tampa DUI attorney needs to know whether you gave any statements to the police, especially if they involved the amount of alcohol, how fast it was consumed, and whether you were driving.

Your Condition at the Time of the Arrest

Your condition at the time of the arrest can be crucial to explaining why you had a poor performance on a field sobriety test and even why you failed a chemical test. Be prepared to discuss the following with your Tampa DUI attorney:

• Medications or drugs (prescription or not and legal or not)
• Disabilities that might affect your balance, your ability to walk normally (gait) or your ability to speak normally
• Illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy, or heart disease
• Injuries of any kind from any cause
• How much sleep you had

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