When your Personal Injury Case Settles

The only certain answer is that each case is unique. However, there are factors that come into play for most cases that will allow Attorney James Adams to provide some guidance. For any questions, call us at 813-874-9116.

Why Some Cases Settle Sooner than Others

Some cases come to conclusion in a few months, yet others are ongoing for years. The primary factor explaining this disparity is how badly the injured party was hurt and what the prognosis for recovery is. James Adams, your Tampa injury lawyer typically will delay final settlement discussions until:

  •  The injured party has reached maximum medical improvement
  •  There is a definitive treatment plan in situations where the injured party has not yet reached maximum medical improvement and a permanent impairment is expected.

It is imperative that you are compensated for all you have lost. Although it is a natural desire to wish to wrap matters up quickly, it is important to understand:

  • The dollar amount of all past medical bills
  • The dollar amount of all future medical bills
  • The permanency of any injuries
  • The total lost income due to the injuries
  • Lost future earning capacity due to injuries

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It is important to realize that, more often than not, a rush to settlement results in a lower award. Allow James Adams, your Tampa injury lawyer to use his experience to provide you with the best result possible. Understand your options. Understand your rights. Call James Adams. (813) 874-9116.